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Miltown Durusu

Durusu Villas

22 Splendid Villas for 22 Elegant Families in İstanbul Durusu. You are welcome to enjoy life with your family in your private space surrounded with an amazing nature marked with all hues of green that gives you the serenity you need while leading an urban life.

Modern and luxury villas equipped with smart home technologies are here to offer you joyful memories.

  • 22

  • 53181

    M² Project Area
  • 11082

    M² Construction Area
  • 46678

    M² Green Area

Miltown Durusu

Smart Home Systems

  • Smart Lock

    Your home’s security is under control. You may use your mobile devices to check the lock and control security and alarm systems.

  • Smart Heat Control

    Set the temperature of your home remotely in order to ensure that your home remains as warm as you like.

  • Smart Curtain

    Open or close all curtains or the curtain you like with a single touch or set timing to open or close them.

  • Smart Lightning

    Control all lighting items at home through a central system in order to save time and energy.


Miltown Durusu

Green Power

Vehicle Charging Stations


Vehicle Charging Stations

You may use the charging stations available in the project in order to charge your eco-friendly electrical cars.

Solar Panel


Solar Panel

We generate clean and renewable power with solar panels and feed this clean power to common spaces and your villas.

Storm Water


Storm Water

We save water thanks to storm water storage units and use this water for irrigating green areas and gardens.

Window Insulation


Window Insulation

Window insulations are specially designed for maintaining temperature and saving energy at home. The special design minimizes heat and energy loss.

  • Private Living Spaces

    Enjoy a serene and happy life with your loved ones in your spacious, private garden.

  • Optional Areas

    The villas have an optional design. You may add a sauna, a private movie theatre or gym or any other facility to your villa in order to build the villa of your dreams.

  • Home Elevators

    Home elevators will increase your quality of life by making it easier to move between floors and will make life even more comfortable for seniors or family members with disabilities.

  • 24/7 Security Staff

    You do not need to worry about the security of your home thanks to our team of competent security staff.

  • Central Security Control

    Using the 24/7 CCTV system, central and mobile security units keep everything under control in order to guarantee a peaceful and secure life for you and your loved ones.


Miltown Durusu

Social Facilities

Social facilities which are available to common use outside your private spaces include a tennis court, basketball court, mini football field, and children’s playground.



Mini Football




Areas where your furry friends will play with joy.

Children’s Playground

Parks and playgrounds where your children may play games safely.

Indoor / Outdoor Private Garage

Your private indoor & outdoor garage spaces.


Miltown Durusu


A meeting hall where you can manage your daily business inside carefully designed living spaces. Café and restaurant for you to spend time with your loved ones. Concierge to offer all services you need.


Miltown Durusu

Floor Plans

  • Basement
  • Ground Floor
  • 1st Floor

Miltown Durusu

Layout Plan

Located in a project area of 53,181 M², Miltown Durusu will offer 22 Splendid Villas to 22 Elegang Families in order to offer a comfortable living space surrounded with nature in İstanbul Durusu.

46,678 M² of the project is comprised of green areas.

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